Friday, 9 December 2011

Section A (1)

1.     Which of the following is undigested food?
A. Urea                     C. Urine
B. Sweat                    D. Faeces

2.    Andy has given food and water to his hamster which is in a tightly closed container. His hamster still dies in the end. This is because the hamster has ____.
A. no food                  C. no shelter
B.  no air                    D. no mother

3.    Which of the following is the shelter for a bird?
A. Nest                     C. Cave
B. Hive                       D. Pen

4.    Humans need to excrete and defecate in order to_________.
A.   get rid of waste products
B.    eat more
C.    be happy
D.   grow

5.    People get drunk when they drink too much ___________.
A. tea                        C. milk
B. alcohol                    D. soft drinks

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