Friday, 9 December 2011

Section A (3)

1.     Which of the following are human bad habits?
I.       Smoking
II.   Sleeping
III. Taking drugs
IV.   Drinking alcohol
A.   I and III only
B.    II and IV only
C.    I, III and IV only
D.   II, III and IV only

2.    Which of the following helps human to control their body temperature?
A.   Air                      C. Water
B.    Food                    D. Sunlight

3.    Which of the following plants respond to touch as a protection?
A.   Rose plant            C. Mimosa plant
B.    Balsam plant         D. Sunflower

4.    Exhaled air has
A.   more carbon dioxide, more oxygen
B.    less carbon dioxide, less oxygen
C.    more oxygen and less carbon dioxide
D.   less oxygen and more carbon dioxide

5.    What colour will the leaves of green plants turn to if they do not get sunlight for four days?
A. Red                     C. Yellow
B. White                  D. Black

6.    Urine is an excretory product. What does urine contain?
A.   Urea only.
B.    Urea and water
C.    Urea, water and carbon dioxide
D.   Urea, water and mineral salts

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