Friday, 9 December 2011

Section A

1.     Study the information below.
            Air, water, P, Food

Humans need all of the above.       What is P?
A. Sunlight                 C. Shelter
B. Soil                        D. Transport

2.    What colour will the leaves of green plants turn to if they do not get sunlight for four days?
A. Red                     C. Yellow
B. White                  D. Black

3.    Exhaled air has
A.   more carbon dioxide, more oxygen
B.    less carbon dioxide, less oxygen
C.    more oxygen and less carbon dioxide
D.   less oxygen and more carbon dioxide

4.    Which of the following is undigested food?
A. Urea                      C. Urine
B. Sweat                    D. Faeces

5.    Adrian has given food and water to his hamster which is in a tightly closed container. His hamster still dies in the end. This is because the hamster has ____.
A. no food                  C. no shelter
B.  no air                    D. no mother

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