Friday, 9 December 2011

Section A (2)

1.     Which of the following animals have thick layers of fat under their skin to enable them to live in cold weather?
I.    Camel                    III. Penguin
II. Sea lion                IV.  Polar bear
A.   I and III only
B.    I, II and III only
C.    I, II and IV only
D.   II, III and IV only

2.    Animal P has the ability to change its skin colour according to its surroundings. What is animal P?
A.   Beetle                             C. Millipede
B.    Pangolin                 D. Chameleon

3.    Which of the followings below grows through stem cutting?
A.   Bryophyllum           C. Bananas
B.    Hibiscus                D. Lily

4.    Which of the following animals have the same breathing structure?
I.    Cat                       III. Worm
II. Prawn                             IV.  Horse
A.   I and IV                C. II and III
B.    II and IV               D. III and IV

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